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50 x 50 Ultra Press- 100 Ton

This consists of our standard 2 plate design. The press system has adjustable cutting pressure as well as dwell time.

The press is a two platen pull down type and the hydraulic pump will be proportional control to increase speed and response time. The hydraulics are located under the lower cutting plate. The press is supplied including structural tubing steel frame, self-contained electronic controlled hydraulic power unit with touch screen controls. Adjustable stroke length, dwell timer, single two hand anti-tie down operator control, light curtain safety interlock on front of press, clear lexan guards located at the ends of the press. Clear lexan hinged guard across the back of the press with switch interlock, automatic sheet counter, hour meter, platen drilled for chaseless dies, steel rule cutting plate and self-diagnostic safety interlock system.

A unique feature on our presses is a 4 Corner Stop Block assembly. These stop blocks are adjustable in 0.0001” increments. This allows you to level the press and change cutting pressure on the part, front to back, side to side, or just one corner increasing or decreasing. The plate is designed so that the deflection of the plate will not permanently affect the flatness of the plate.

The press is equipped with powered automatic feed-table to facilitate the loading and unloading of sheets to be processed. The feed-table increases the speed of the press since it only has to open for the feed-table to go in and out. Safety is also increased due to the operator not having to work beneath the platen. The feed-table is aluminum with a common die board clamp system mounted on it. It is adjustable as to how far it comes out of the press cavity and travel speed. A dwell timer allows the operator to set how long the table waits for loading of the sheet. A photo eye is mounted on the leading edge of the feed-table that if blocked while extending will cause it to automatically retract.

The steel rule dies used on this system need to have a common board size. This allows for a clamp system to mount the dies in the press. It also provides for easier setup of the sheets in relationship to the pattern being cut. Pneumatic operated backup cutting plate (replaceable) mounted to the upper platen allows for easy make-ready and protects to machined surface of the main upper plate. The customer shall provide tooling (dies) for the press.

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