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Custom Unwind/ Increment/ Rewind

System Integration at its best!

Contechs Custom Increment System, Servo Drive, Unwind and Rewind added to AWT’s Screen Press and Infa-red Conveyor Dryer. Contech is welcomes the opportunity to work with other companies in expediting the system integration process.

Unwind Module

Powered unwind
Variable Frequency motor
15” O.D. 100 lbs. Max
3” core
Cantilivered style shaft
Optic controlled gravity loop

Idler Roller and Guides

Idler roller on input of screen press
Mechanical guides for Y axis

Increment Roller set and Rewind Module

Dual rubber roller set
Pneumatic air cylinder operation
VFD drive and motor
Increment accuracy (+/- .062)
Dancer for rewind feedback
Powered rewind
Variable Frequency motor
15” O.D. 100 lbs. Max.
?3” core
Cantilivered style shaft

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