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5 Station Unwind with 2 Station Cross Web Sheeter and Ultra Sonic Welder

The purpose of this machine is to laminate fiberglass webs together at 90 degrees to each other, tack weld them together ultrasonically, and either sheet or rewind the finished product. The webs come in as 25” nominal webs of unidirectional fiberglass strands held together in a thermoplastic matrix.(narrower webs down to 6” can be ran on any out board lane) The rolls come in on 6” cores and a diameter of 48” with an approximate mil thickness of .010” -.020” which yields a length of up to 10,000 feet. The roll weight for a max diameter is 1500 pounds. For every foot of web advance in the machine direction, we can lay down 10 ft. sq. in the cross web direction. This can vary if the final lane is not a full 25” wide. There will be a pair of unwinds supplying the cross web material so they will need to be changed out 5 times more frequently. Because they alternately feed, one roll can be changed out while the other continues to pay out material. We were charged with placing the webs at a 90 degree orientation to the other webs while keeping the cross webs not more than a .010 gap to a .050 overlap. This is somewhat difficult in that there is camber in the material, there will be some increment tolerance in the machine direction, and there will be slight variations in the cross web roll widths.
1500 Pound Cross Web Unwinds (2ea.)
Maximum web width 25''
Maximum OD 48”
Maximum Weight 1500 lbs
VFD Driven with dancer control
6” air shaft
Edge trim (to maintain exact width for
increment accuracy)
Web guide
Pneumatic driven guillotine cut off
Vacuum Linear Cross Web Increment
Maximum web width. 25''
Servo driven linear slides
Slaved servo nip set
125” increment
Accuracy placement of cross web:
under 1 pli tension +/- .020 at the gripper
contact points for: mechanical placement in
the machine direction
Increment system
Servo driven Hitch feed mounted to
Linear slides
24” dancer to pace material onto rewinder
Increment accuracy: +/- .020 (at the gripper)
End of Roll Cut off
Rotary cutter for cut off of web.
Rewind Module
Customer supplied shaft
Safety chucks
Drive system separate from cart
Guide system for cart to align cart to web path and
motor coupling (tolerance ½”)
Casters on cart
125” web
24” core
Max O.D. 48”
Max weight 5000 lbs.
Increment 25” 4 sec
System provided with floor leveling and anchor
Frames with pad with threaded hole and through
holes for leveling and anchoring
Electrical- 480 Volts 60 Cycles 3 Phase- main
machine disconnect
230 Volts, 60 cycles 1 phase for ultrasonic welders only
Air – 90 psi dry and clean air.

Welding support structure
Steel and fabrication at Contech to support
Customerspecified deflection under a 150 lb load
per head.
Beam to provide welder placement along beam axis.
Locking mechanisms to hold welder position necessary.
Weld table must have gross adjustment and have a
machined surface to provide a parallel plane for weld
interface. Flatness
tolerance of +/ 0.005” over 12” span.
generation units and welding cabling.
Structure to handle cable management of high
frequency cables, i/o cables, and air lines.
Accu-Web 5-UP Positive Displacement Guide
Assembly with Chaser/Slave
Splice stations: 5ea. prior to web guide system
Integrate turn-key web guide system from Accu-Web,
mount and integrate ultra-sonic weldersAdditional
rewind cart
Web Guide system for rewind carts (4” motion +/- 2”
L&R) ½” accuracy
Edge trim winders for cross web slitters.
(includes both cross web loc

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