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Contech Custom Rewinder

Cantilevered Unwind with Web guide Maximum weight 1150 lbs (515kg)
6” Air shaft
Maximum diameter: 33.5” (850mm) Maximum web width: 40” (1000mm) Minimum web width: 7.75” (200mm) Web guide w/ultra-sonic edge sensor Roll diameter Sensor
End of roll sensor

Cantilevered Rewind 6” air shaft
Maximum Diameter 11” O.D.(280mm) Maximum weight of 66 lbs. (29Kg) Maximum core length 40” (1000mm) Maximum rewind length 400 ft. (122m)
Area for manual cut off (no knife or blade mechanism supplied) Rewind tension range from 0.5-6 pli taper
Max line speed: **1000 ft/min max speed capacity Roll length tolerance +20” -0” (+0.5m -Om)
Operator Display Touch screen HMI
Footage rewound current roll Number of rolls in current batch

Web speed Rewind tension
Operation set up page Maintenance page Error display
Alarm history

Variable up to **1000 fpm max. (rewind mode only) Speed chart available for sheet mode

Electrical: 480 Volts 60 Cycle 3 Phase (other upon request) Air: 90 PSI dry and clean

Misc. Additional Features included in total cost
Rotary couplings on air shafts for automatic inflate and deflate of shafts with a flip of the switch includes both unwind and rewind shaft
Control Logics format
Panel View Plus 6 1O” screen
Idler rollers to be anodized alum. Smooth polish
Vacuum splice station mechanical up down position for off contact during run (customer supplied vacuum supply)
Ball transfers for unwind shaft (easier loading) BEi Encoder
Machine to be designed to add sheeter module in future

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