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Omega Ultra Press

Omega Ultra Press Overview

Hydraulic Power Unit
The hydraulic system incorporates an electronically controlled variable displacement pump to generate hydraulic power. Valves direct and control hydraulic flow, and cylinders perform the physical movements. This system incorporates a remote unit that utilizes an electric motor that drives the hydraulic pump, delivering power to the press system. The platen and feed table cylinders convert the flow of hydraulic oil into movement and cutting force.
Press Platen Cycles
Manual mode operation of the press platen will allow the operator to jog the platen up, raise the platen to full-up position and perform a press cycle. The pump power must be turned ON and the safety circuit enabled before any press functions can be performed. The position of the platen is controlled by an encoder which tracks its movement. The encoder value is zeroed when the platen reaches full-up position. In manual mode, the platen can be jogged up to the stop blocks and the full closed limit position can then be set at the operator screen. The feed table must be fully inside the press cavity before the platen is allowed to move upward. During a press cycle, the platen ascends at standby pressure. Once the press is fully closed, the pump goes into high pressure for the duration of the cut dwell interval. The platen then lowers to full open and the feed table is withdrawn.
Feed table
The press is equipped with an automatic feed table to transport the material sheets to be cut into and out of the press cavity. The feed table operates in two directions with complete speed, acceleration and, deceleration profile control. When it is withdrawn from the press cavity, the feed table is accelerated to a preset speed, as it nears the exit position it will decelerate to a smooth stop. When entering the cavity, it is accelerated to a preset speed, and when the deceleration position is reached the feed table will slow to a preset slower speed and will continue to decelerate as it reaches the end of its travel in the press cavity.
Stop Blocks
The cutting depth of the tool is determined by cutting pressure and the fully closed (cut) position setting of the platen. The fully closed position is in part determined by the micro-adjust stop block system.
Four independent stop block units work conjointly to control the full up stopping height of the platen, limiting the cutting depth. Each stop block is set independently by one of four hand wheel/counter assemblies that are located on the side of the press. Each revolution of the hand wheel moves the stop block .002”, minutely altering the full up position of the platen. Clockwise rotation of the hand wheel raises the stop block; counterclockwise lowers the stop block.
The left most column of the counter represents a whole number (1.0000”.) The counter is reset by pressing the black button.

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