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Omega Slitter Rewinder

Magna SR offers a low cost work horse with deluxe features. CONTECH’s exclusive variable frequency drive system provides quick and easy setup and variable run speeds of up to 750 fpm. Unique cantilever or drop-in rewind shafts to facilitate loading and unloading. Available options: razor, score and shear slitting, rewinding diameters of 18”, 36” and 40”, web guiding, and material inspection.


A-frame Unwind, Web guide

Maximum weight 2500 pounds
Maximum diameter: 42”
Maximum web width: 74”
Minimum web width: 50” approx. Weight 2000 lbs
Web guide +/- 4”
3” External element Air shaft
This unwind closest to the machine
Pneumatic modulated brake system
Dual VT6 inserted safety chucks

Numbers 2, 3, 4 A-frame Unwinds

Maximum weight 2500 pounds
Maximum Diameter 42”
Maximum web width 74”
Minimum web width 50” approx. weight 2000 lbs
3” External element shaft
Pneumatic modulated brake system
Dual VT6 inserted safety chucks

Master Rewinds

Dual rewinds vertical positioned
3” External element airshaft
Drop in style with VT6 inserted safety chucks
Maximum rewind diameter: 36”
Maximum weight on each rewind: 2000 pounds (will only be on 1 rewind shaft when doing single shaft rewind of 4 layers of material)


Razor slitters
12 station
Minimum slit width 14”
Slitters are only used with number 1 unwind with web guide


AB Compact Logix PLC
AB HMI Controller


Variable up to 400 fpm


Electrical: 230 Volts 60 Cycle 3 Phase
Air: 90 PSI dry and clean

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