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Omega Hand Squeeze Roll Aplicator (HSRA)

  • Economical Method for Application of Reflective Material to A Variety of Substrates
  • Manually Operated
  • Rigid Steel Frame
  • Feed Table

The standard Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator is equipped with the basic necessary provisions for successful pre-mask application. Many Options are available for the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator, adding and enhancing many functions. This manual is an attempt to capture all of the available options for the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator, before reading this section verify the purchased options of your particular machine.

Unwind Mandrel

The standard Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator is not equipped with unwind accommodations though an Unwind Mandrel, 3” core inserts, spacer bushings, and clamp collars are available.
The standard Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator is designed for the purpose of pre-mask application; therefore, an Unwind Brake is not necessary for the standard machine.


The Unwind Brake controls the web tension of the pre-mask tape between the Unwind and the Application Nip set. Turning the outer ring of the brake clockwise will increase the web tension. While, turning the ring counterclockwise will decrease the web tension.
The pre-mask web tension will greatly effect the flatness of the finished sheets. Excessive web tension will stretch the pre-mask as it is applied to the material and when the web tension is no longer applied to the pre-mask it will relax and shrink, causing a curling of the finished sheet. Optimum Unwind Brake tension is achieved when the liner web is taut without distorting the adhesive film web.


Unwind Brake pressure must be decreased as the roll diameter decreases.
Excessive unwind web tension may cause curling of the material toward the film.
Application Nip Set
The manual Palm Knob style of nip roller lift is designed for processing materials that won’t be crushed by excessive nip roller pressure. The palm knobs are located at each end of the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator. To open, rotate both of the knobs in a clockwise direction. A maximum opening of a ½” between the nip and increment rollers. To close, rotate the both of the palm knobs in a counterclockwise direction. If there is not enough nip pressure, the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator may not increment properly.


The adjustable pressure nip roller provides protection for pressure sensitive materials. A Load/Run switch control the opening and closing action while two regulator/ gauge sets provide independent pressure control. These control components are all located at each end plate on the output side of the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator.
The actuators controlling the nip roller require a supply of compressed air to operate. Placing the Load/Run switch into the Load position will raise the nip roller for loading and unloading of material. Placing the Load/Run switch into the Run position lowers the nip roller. The pressure regulators control the downward pressure applied at each end of the nip roller on the material. The gauge offers a view of the operating pressure allowing settings to be repeated after processing different materials.
The air supplied to the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator should be 100 psi or greater.
Improper tracking may occur if unequal pressures are applied.

Fixed Gap*

An optional adjustable compression nip roller style is also available. The minimum gap between the increment and nip rollers can be controlled with this option. Compression limits are adjusted by rotating the stops located on the air actuators above each end of the nip roller. When material has been placed in the machine, rotate the height adjustment knob counter-clockwise to bring the nip roller in contact with the material. Perform this adjustment on both sides. Additional turns may be required to provide adequate compression to avoid slippage. Additional controls of nip roller pressure adjustments and the Load/Run controls operate like the adjustable pressure nip roller style.


The standard Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator may be equipped with an optional razor slitting attachment. The Razor Slitter is positioned above the Unwinding Pre-Mask Roll, allowing part of the material to remain on the roll.

Operator Controls

The standard Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator uses only one Operator Control, the Hand Crank. Controls for any additional options are grouped according to the function provided, at various locations around the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator.
Hand Crank
Turning the handle will advance the material through the application rollers.
Lamination Nip Set
The Lamination Nip Set provides the Laminating Nip point, as well as the means for advancing the product web.


Laminating (down) pressure is controlled from two air pressure regulators located above the Lamination / Nip set on the input side of the HSRA. A pressure gauge attached to each regulator indicates the amount of force applied to each respective cylinder. A difference in pressures may provide steering of the product web, under normal circumstances; the material will turn towards the higher pressure.

Preparation & Operation

Before operating the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator, a slight amount of preparation is necessary. The following Subsections discuss the common practices and procedures for loading and setup of the Hand Squeeze Roll Applicator.


Preparation of the Pre-Mask Unwind station requires the loading of a roll of adhesive film or other laminating material roll with a 3” ID core. This section is only applicable to units equipped with material unwind accommodations.

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