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Carousel Unwind Dancer

Efficiency and ease- of-operating define the Carousel Unwind Dancer. This machine runs individual Prestige rolls through a time-powered unwind that dispenses material to the sheeting unit. When the current roll runs out, a simple push of a button brings the next roll around to restart the sheeting process. The Carousel Unwind Dancer supports eight full rolls.

1.0 Standard Features

Boxed tubular steel frame construction
Off the shelf Programmable Allen Bradley with digital input screen
Programmable speed with acceleration/deceleration selects
Tolerance is maintained by self-calibration of machine
Sheetmetal covers with safety interlocks
Standard machine color blue
Air biased increment nip rollers
Rubber covered increment nip rollers
*/- 1/16 tolerance standard based on sheet to sheet tolerance one layer
No clutches or brakes to wear out minimizing maintenance cost
Heavy duty down acting cutting blades
Down acting scissor shear cutoff
Self contained hydraulic system
84” wide sheeter
Static Blue bar
2 each E-stops
220 Volt 3 Phase 60 Hertz
Material .015 -.100 PVB


Roll dimensions: 84” length x 24” diameter with a 6 core
Maximum load per position: 1000 pound net.
Maximum total load on system: 12,000 pounds gross
Storage capacity: 8 rolls
Carrier specifications: 5” diameter x 92” length
Storage system dimensions: Height 9’ 7”, ( will require 12’ of additional ceiling height for tilt up installation, Width 9’, Depth 6’3”.
Back protection guard: vertical safety braces top of machine to the floor
Front protection guard: Vertical safety braces above loading zone to top
Minimum roll width 24” at 400 lbs.
Operating controls: Forward/Reverse momentary switch, emergency stop front and rear
Drive Motor: 1.5 HP geared motor
Power requirement: 220 volt, 60 hertz, 3 phase
Color: dark gray
A loading dolly will be included at no extra charge


1000 pound maximum roll weight
24” maximum roll diameter
Use of a driven roller to be placed on the material roll to feed out the material from the unwind to the sheeter. This drive roller will act as both the brake and the drive to feed the material to the sheeter in a controlled increment speed.
The drive system will be suspended in the carousel at the bottom to drive the roll that is placed behind the sheeter.
PID loop matches the speed of the unwind to the speed of the sheeter

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