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Fiberglass Laminator

This system will allow multiple rolls to be spliced together, using the splice station which will hold the fiberglass off contact of the web of laminate by hinging the conveyor on one side. Then the new web of fiberglass would be lowered by the top nip roller against the facing, to start the continuation of the web.

Once the slitting is completed and the roll is at the completed length controlled by the operator, the crosscut blade is manually fired by the operator onto a metal core laid in the rewind conveyor. The conveyor will drive the roll of materials as it gets larger in diameter. This conveyor will be put at an angle down from the end of the laminator, and utilize a core. With the use of guides to allow the core to travel upward as the roll gets larger, and keep the roll on the rewind until it is completed.

When the roll is completed a layer of thin plastic 12 feet wide will be started on the roll with the assistance from the operator. Doing a 1 and ½ rotation of the finished roll, this will allow a complete wrapping barrier of the finished roll. Then the operator will apply the strips of tape to hold the barrier in place over the roll. Then a mechanical cutter will sever the web of the wrap-over material. Then the ties are put on the ends of the roll to cinch up the plastic wrap on the ends like a tootsie roll. The roll will then unloaded by the operator, onto the optional roll cart.

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