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Roll Loader

Operation theory for Roll Loader.

There are two modules in this project. The first is a loading cart for the film that is used to wrap the finished rolls. A shaft with 3” chucks is inserted into a (maximum 20” O.D. X 76” length) roll of film. A loading cart is wheeled up and the roll is placed into the lifting arms. The arms rise with the cradled roll by manually jacking a foot operated pump. This raises the roll high enough to clear the unwind support yokes. The position of the loading cart is registered by guides that align it from side to side and front to back. Once the cart is in the correct location, a signal could be activated. When the cart is at the drop point, a release peddle is depressed and the arms with the roll are lowered into place. The cart is backed out of the loading area and removed from the area. When the wrapping film has run out, the procedure is reversed and the empty roll core is removed from the processing area and a new roll brought in to replace it. The use of two loading carts would speed up this operation with the extra cart being preloaded with a new roll of film.

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