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Rolling out product after product in a job shop can be difficult. Trying to do that without the right equipment is next to impossible. That’s what Insul-Fab of Texas found out nine years ago.

Insul-Fab is a fabricating and die-cutting job shop, manufacturing products such as computer RFI shields, insulated gaskets, mud-flaps, vacuum-form parts, weather-stripping, metal hinges, and silk-screened die-cut parts.

In 1989, Insul-Fab realized the need for equipment that could thermal die-cut, emboss, hot and cold steel-rule die-cut and steel-rule kiss-cut. They found what they needed in a CONTECH UltraPress, which had been introduced for the first time that year. Nine years later, it was time to upgrade again.

The UltraPress was a great piece of equipment for us, said Ken Morgan, production manager for Insul-Fab, but we bought it in its first year of existence. There have been so many improvements to the basic design that we decided it was time to give it a retrofit.

Insul-Fab called CONTECH, and the process began. The old UltraPress was scheduled for a retrofit, and Insul-Fab decided to purchase another new UltraPress.

We needed a new press to handle die-cutting our copper/aluminum foil RFI shields as well as some of our sound-proofing materials. We also needed some custom work done for the UltraPress, and CONTECH was more than willing, said Morgan.

Insul-Fab purchased a 36 48 UltraPress capable of operating at up to 800 cycles per hour. It had a variable tonnage from 10 to 100 tons, and could be either sheet or web-fed. In addition, the press was PLC controlled: an operator could adjust press speed, length of increment, dwell time, setup mode, sheet or web mode, and a self-diagnostic function from one station.

For some of our products we asked CONTECH to custom-design a system for multi-stage die-cutting. CONTECH equipped the new press with an air-operated punch set and two sets of optic readers, and created a new web feed system.

After the new equipment was designed and manufactured, the equipment was to be installed in Insul-Fabs plant.

CONTECH flew a technician to assist in the installation process and to train Insul-Fabs employees on how to effectively operate and maintain the machine.

We’ve always been happy with CONTECH. They make a good quality product and their technical support has been strong. If we have a problem it can usually be taken care of over the phone. If it cant, CONTECH would have no problem flying someone down to take care of us. It’s just the way they do business.

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