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During the past 40 years Kay Automotive Graphics maintained a position of leadership in the creation and supply of distinctive high-quality automotive trim. Today they are the largest producer of OEM graphics in the world and have produced over 500 million parts to date. Their companies mission includes a strategic focus on the development, design, and manufacture of automotive trim products while remaining committed to providing excellence in quality, environmental compliance, value and responsiveness to their customers. Kays current product lines include Decals, Flexible Ornamentation, Sill Protectors, Bumper Protectors, Gravel & Abrasion Protective Films, Retro Reflective, Kayguard Transit Film, and Functional Films.

Kay employs a team of 500 in four plants located in Michigan, Mexico, and Wales (UK). As of August 29th 2015 Contech is proud to have another one of our custom machines making its home in one of those facilities. Comprising of over 200,000 sq. ft in manufacturing space, work together as a global team to provide world-class excellence in design, engineering, creative graphics and prototype services our customers have come to rely on.

Their new addition is equipped with the basic necessary provisions for successful pre-mask application. The Unwind Brake controls the web tension of the pre-mask tape between the Unwind and the Application Nip set. Turning the outer ring of the brake clockwise will increase the web tension. Turning the ring counterclockwise decreases the web tension. The pre-mask web tension will greatly affect the flatness of the finished sheets. Excessive web tension will stretch the pre-mask as it is applied to the material and when the web tension is no longer applied to the pre-mask it will relax and shrink, causing a curling of the finished sheet. Optimum Unwind Brake tension is achieved when the liner web is taut without distorting the adhesive film web. Unwind Brake pressure must be decreased as the roll diameter decreases.

The adjustable pressure nip roller provides protection for pressure sensitive materials. A Load/Run switch controls the opening and closing action while a regulator/gauge provides pressure control. These control components are all located on the operator end of the loading table. The cylinders controlling the nip roller require a supply of compressed air to operate. Placing the Load/Run switch into the Load position will raise the nip roller for loading and unloading of material.. The pressure regulator controls the downward pressure the nip roller applies to the material. The gauge offers a view of the operating pressure allowing settings to be repeated after processing different materials.

As of the arrival day of their new Contech Custom Laminator Mike Allen from Kay Automotive, sent us this, which is exactly how we hope all of our customers feel, Nice piece of equipment, hats off to you and your team for such a fast turn around and delivery, we look forward to doing future projects.

Two weeks later I followed up with Mike to assure that everything was running as planned, I asked him a couple of questions about his experience with Contech, according to his responses, I would say we have another satisfied customer.

“Contech gives prompt attention to any questions or concerns and works with you one on one throughout the entire design process. and were extremely knowledgeable about our process. They have fast yet precise manufacturing time and a quick turnaround. Sales and Engineering are easily accessible. I would definitely recommend Contech, and if the opportunity were to arise in the future for us to use them again, without a question, we will.”

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