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Fisher Textiles

Fisher Textiles converts non-woven materials to custom sizes for end users. They take products from master rolls and turn them into square sheets. Since Fisher is one of the largest converters of non-woven materials in the industry, quick turnaround is a necessity, as well as precision.

Fisher Textiles was having problems with static and difficulties with stacking. They needed equipment that could operate accurately at high speeds. They were also bidding for some new business and were in need of equipment that would service a more specialized non-woven material.

Scott Fisher of Fisher Textiles said his company invested a great deal of time in deciding how to solve their static problem, while maintaining fast operation with close tolerance. They searched the market to find a company that could provide them with just the right equipment to meet their needs. After exploring several options, Fisher Textiles decided to purchase a 60 inch Sheeter/Stacker from CONTECH.

fisher-sheeter-stacker.jpegHere is what Scott Fisher had to say about his company’s purchase.

The main reason we bought from CONTECH was that they offered a Sheeter/ Stacker together. We believed it would be easier to work with matching units. We also appreciated CONTECH’S willingness to customize the equipment to meet our needs. They worked with us for an entire year running sample material and making the necessary adjustments to modify their standard sheeters to meet our specifications.

Scott said he has also seen a great improvement in productivity since his company purchased the new equipment. We have been very satisfied with the Sheeter/ Stacker we bought from CONTECH. It has very close tolerance and operates fast, outperforming our old sheeter by two and a half times. The control panel is user friendly and the computer readout tells us just what we want to know. It is also very sturdy and well built, with an efficient, heavy duty motor.

When asked about the service his company has received since purchasing the Sheeter/ Stacker, Scott had nothing but good things to say.

CONTECH has always given us great customer service. They are a very honest group of people. They laid it on the line and followed through on what they said they would do. They eliminated our static problem, worked with us to accommodate our stack size, and added tension controls where needed. We certainly buy from CONTECH again.

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