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Manufacturing printed labels involves many steps and considerations. The manufacturer must consider a variety of variables such as supply and demand, material consumption, warehouse space for storage, shipping and due dates, and more.

LabelhousePhotoA.jpeg Located in the city Port of Spain, in the West Indies, Label House Limited is a manufacturer and converter of printed labels for multinational corporations, such as The Coca-Cola Company, The Shell Group, and many others. The West Indies, a collection of islands in the Caribbean Sea, and other countries that touch the Caribbean Sea are members of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS). Label House Limited supplies printed labels to all the countries in the ACS. Their location allows Label House Limited to handle 90% of customer needs for the printed labels they manufacture.

One of the most important steps in Label House Limited's manufacturing process is finding and purchasing mass rolls of paper. The paper rolls needed are available in many different kinds of stock, including adhesive paper, glue backed paper, and pressure sensitive paper, some being pre-slit to a specific width.

“One of the biggest problems we were having was with pre-slit rolls of paper. Demand for certain widths is great and sometimes the supplier would be out of the stock we needed. If the paper is pre-slit too wide or too narrow, then extra costs were incurred for slitting to specific widths,” said David Lewis, managing director for Label House Limited.

LabelhousePhotoB.jpegLabel House Limited needed an answer to a very basic question; how to get the correct stock, in the correct size, at the right time, while still saving both time and money. The answer was to slit the rolls themselves, eliminating the pre-slit paper shortage problems and allowing the company to slit rolls to the exact widths they needed to complete the job.

David Lewis immediately began looking into buying a basic but effective slitting machine. Label House Limited attended the PACK EXPO in Chicago and found their answer with CONTECH.

“CONTECH was at the show I attended. Before I went I had been looking at other machines but was not comfortable with the price. With CONTECH, the first thing I noticed was the great savings,” said Lewis.

Label House Limited decided to purchase the CONTECH 30” Magna SR Slitter/Rewinder, a low cost machine with deluxe features. The Magna SR is versatile, able to razor slit, score slit, or shear slit. The unit also offers speed and control with soft start and stop; allowing exceptional control of a variety of materials including the pressure sensitive paper stock Label House Limited used in manufacturing labels.

The CONTECH Magna SR was the solution for Label House Limited's complicated needs. With the ability to slit rolls to their specific widths, the company could now stock their plant with rolls of unslit stock and avoid the problems they were having before.

“This was a new idea for us to save both time and money. With the new slitter, we are able to stock our inventory with 30% being pre-slit and 70% unslit, making our company as flexible as possible when dealing with customer needs,” said Lewis.

CONTECH was also very helpful in customizing the Magna SR. At the time of purchase the machine needed no customization, it was a standard piece of equipment. As time went on, Label House Limited did need a minor modification to the machine.

“We bought the machine with no bells and whistles because we did not need them. After the machine was up and running we decided to customize it by installing a web guiding device to keep the paper straight. CONTECH advised us on what to do about this. They were very helpful and friendly,” said Lewis.

“The relationship we have built with CONTECH is a good one. They understand people's needs and offer solutions that are simple and flexible to implement. I am satisfied with the value we received for the money we spent,” said Lewis.

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