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Reef Industries

Quality plastic sheeting that is customized to meet the exact needs of each customer- that is what Reef Industries, Inc. specializes in. They produce tarps, liners, and many other plastic sheeting products for a wide range of uses.

In order to provide products aimed to their customer's needs, Reef Industries needed equipment that was more versatile. Here's what Dennis Olheiser of Reef Industries, Inc. had to say after his company replaced their old equipment with a slitter/rewinder and a sheeter from CONTECH.

“The equipment we replaced was no longer meeting the needs of our customers and didn't provide us with the versatility we needed. We purchased a slitter/rewinder from CONTECH and noticed a definite improvement.

reef-slitter-rewinder.jpeg“We needed a piece of equipment that could handle multiple mill rolls over 1500 pounds each as part of our precut operations for in-house fabrication. An additional requirement was to slit or rewind materials based on customer specifications. The slitter/rewinder we purchased from CONTECH provides us with the versatility to handle both needs. First, the unit allows us to unwind five mill rolls onto one rewind roll as part of our precut operation. The second benefit is filling customer needs for shorter and/or narrow mill rolls within the width and length tolerances they demand. The slitter/rewinder from CONTECH was very economical and was custom designed with the features we required. Its versatility and dependability helps us to optimize in-house material usage as well as continually provide quality products to our customers.”

Dennis also said he was pleased with the speed and tolerance of the sheeter his company purchased. He said this equipment may allow Reef Industries to meet the needs of additional customers.

reef-slitter-rewinder2.jpeg“The second piece of equipment we purchased from CONTECH was a sheeter for handling smaller sized precut items for in-house and customers needs. We had numerous requirements for sheets of material in 12” or less widths and a variety of lengths. One particular configuration now takes us five minutes to cut, verses over an hour by a previous method. We are also pursuing additional customer needs with this machine that we were not capable of providing before. At the speed at which we can produce materials on this machine, our response time on material preparation is immediate and the size tolerances are excellent. The sheeter has been a tremendous asset to our fabrication operations.

“Based on the performance of this equipment, we are pursuing additional equipment needs with CONTECH.”

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