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TDC Filters

For most businesses, a contract for a new product is a welcome addition to a current product line. It brings added income, an opportunity for growth, and increases a company's product offering. Unfortunately, a new product can bring with it a major problem: handling the strain on the production line.

TDC Filter Manufacturing, an Illinois based company that specializes in the manufacture of dust collecting air filters, was forced to deal with that strain.

TDC_slitter_A.jpegTDC is known for flexibility in designing and producing custom dust collecting air filters. Filter designs from TDC have ranged from a few inches long to seven feet long, using several types of filter material including felt and paper. TDC is also well known for quick response to orders, often being able to turn around an order in two days.

In response to a customer's need TDC devised an innovative filter material and design that currently was not in production. To avoid adding too much pressure to the production line, having to contract the production to an outside source, and to allow them to maintain their reputation for quick turn around, TDC needed new equipment. That's when Yury Kabakov, TDC's project engineer, was assigned to find a new piece of equipment to augment their production line.

TDC_slitter_B.jpeg“We needed a machine that could slit filter material very narrowly, and could rewind it,” said Kabakov. “We also needed it to be able to keep up with our production speed requirements.”

Kabakov looked into several different equipment manufacturers, finally deciding to purchase an 84” Magna Slitter/Rewinder from CONTECH. The new system was designed with a 1000 lb. unwind with 3” air shaft, score-slitter, and auto web guide.

“The CONTECH Magna Slitter/Rewinder was a high-speed machine that was priced better than similar machines from other manufacturers,” said Kabakov. “Most importantly, CONTECH was willing to custom-design their equipment to slit to our specifications.”

TDC_slitter_C.jpegAfter engineering and constructing the new equipment, installation into the TDC plant began.

“The Magna Slitter/Rewinder came in pretty easily, and after a few glitches were worked out production began immediately. CONTECH responded very quickly to our questions,” said Kabakov.

During the eight months since its successful installation the equipment has been running smoothly. So smoothly in fact that TDC Filter Manufacturing has had no problem moving other filter materials onto their Magna Slitter/Rewinder.

“We've been able to use the CONTECH Magna Slitter/Rewinder for a wide range of other filters, including felt and cartridge, without a problem,” said Kabakov. “We're very satisfied so far, and we would suggest CONTECH equipment to other companies.”

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