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Trim USA, located in Tobaccoville, NC, is a leading converter of pressure sensitive vinyl material for products including decals and labels. The process of converting this material takes knowledgeable workers, great attention to detail, and precision cutting in the production process.

trim-converter.jpeg“Our attention to detail, work quality, and knowledgeable customer service representatives are what make this company great. Our people really know their stuff,” said Rodney Ashby, owner of Trim USA.

When working with this kind of vinyl, Trim USA would slit larger rolls of the material into different smaller rolls. They were having problems with the existing process, especially holding tight tolerances.

“The process we used to use was okay, but not effective enough. If any measurement is off even a little, it can affect everything in the rest of the process. It was just taking to long too accomplish,” said Ashby.

To solve the problem, Ashby started looking for slitter equipment. Though the equipment did not need to be customized, the equipment needed to be dependable, able to handle large rolls of material, and capable of precise cutting. Ashby began shopping around and comparing equipment from several different equipment suppliers. In a conversation with one of Trim USA's suppliers, Ashby mentioned he was looking for a slitter. The supplier gave Ashby the name CONTECH, so he decided to give them a call. After talking with a representative, Ashby found the right equipment. He decided to purchase a 60” CONTECH MagnaSlitter. Capable of handling rolls of material up to 200 pounds, the MagnaSlitter can handle cutting tolerances of +/- 1/32” with increment measurement control, which eliminates manual measurement.

trimusa-magaslitter.jpegAfter purchasing the MagnaSlitter, Trim USA needed to install and set up the new equipment. To Ashby's surprise the process was extremely easy and Trim USA had the MagnaSlitter up and running in a very short amount of time. In fact, the process was so easy, Trim USA did most of the work themselves with CONTECH representatives there only for support.

“The installation of the new machine was a breeze. I was very pleased with the ease of getting the machine up and running,” said Ashby.

The 60” CONTECH MagnaSlitter has worked so well for Trim USA, that they have since purchased two additional MagnaSlitters. Ashby said the dependability and engineering of the machines is why he keeps coming back.

“The engineers at CONTECH are very attentive to detail. I am very pleased with the CONTECH equipment we have purchased. The dependability, ease of operation, and the precise cutting tolerances are just a few of the reasons why I'm satisfied,” said Ashby.

“CONTECH is doing a good job. Their engineers and sales staff are very knowledgeable, and the customer service is unmatched,” said Ashby, “they do a great job of helping customers achieve their needs at a very fair price.”

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