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Williamson Printing

When a company has to outsource certain services, problems can arise. These problems include scheduling conflicts, missing deadlines, quality issues, and many others. To alleviate these problems, one solution is for the company to provide the service being outsourced themselves.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Williamson Printing Materials Limited provides wholesale distribution of raised image printing plates for the flexographic printing industry. Some of Williamson's products are photopolymer platemaking materials, rubber platemaking materials, engraving metals and chemicals, plate mounting tapes, and marking device products. Other products they manufacture are small specialized cutting and measuring equipment. Williamson also provides custom slitting of printing tapes.

Customized tape slitting was not always so easy for Williamson. They had been outsourcing this service because they lacked the equipment to do it in-house.

“We needed equipment that could custom slit two-sided printing tapes, primarily for the narrow web printing market,” said Richard Schaus, product services manager for Williamson.

WilliamsonTestimonialPhotoA.jpegWilliamson began looking for slitting equipment that could perform according to their high quality standards. A trade show in Chicago was coming up and so they decided to look for the equipment there. It was at this show that Williamson came across CONTECH.

“The MagnaSlitter from CONTECH was on display at the show. The equipment was exactly what we were looking for,” said Schaus.

Williamson decided to purchase the CONTECH 54” MagnaSlitter. The single blade, hand-operated CONTECH MagnaSlitter slits large rolls of material down to the desired width economically and efficiently.


The MagnaSlitter is versatile; able to slit printing tapes and a wide range of other materials including vinyls, mylars, reflectives, and nonwovens.

After the CONTECH MagnaSlitter was installed and fully operational, the need to outsource slitting of printing tapes was eliminated. Williamson could now offer a variety of services including custom slitting of two-sided printing tapes.

“We are happy with the way the equipment has performed,” said Schaus, “what I liked most about CONTECH was that they took a genuine interest in making sure we were satisfied with them and their equipment. We are very satisfied with our equipment and the service that we received.”

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