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November 18th, 2015

Contech’s Black Friday Blowout Sale began last week and lasts until December 23, 2015. We are offering 5% off of our standard line of equipment and as a Merry Christmas Thank You; we will cover the cost of crating. In the spirit of saving, we have compiled other ways to save during this holiday season.
Smart shoppers know that to everything there is a season. Buy certain goods at the right time of year and you can enjoy substantial savings – especially when it comes to pricey investments, ranging from bedroom sets and big-screen TVs to new cars and computers. As long as you’re not pressed to replace something critical that’s broken, you should always plan to make major purchases when prices are likeliest to be at their lowest levels of the year.
Many savvy shoppers know that one way to get a good deal on a car is to buy one in late summer, just as many dealers are offering discounts to clear the lots and make room for the new models arriving in early fall.
But cars aren’t the only big ticket items that have a predictable sweet spot during the year when consumers are more likely to enjoy the lowest prices.
The key is to be familiar with the typical cycles and be ready to pounce.
You can’t time all purchases. Maybe your refrigerator breaks down and you need a new one right away. But when you do have time to wait, it’s worth planning that purchase so you can save several hundred and even several thousand dollars.”
Many of the best deals come at the end of a product’s season, when demand is low. For example, consider buying patio furniture and grills after Labor Day and into October and November when stores typically slash prices up to 50 percent. As the weather starts to warm up in the spring, retailers cut prices on the widest selection of lawn mowers and higher-end lawn equipment. Those deals tend to peak this month with savings of 30 percent or more.
Also look for clearance sales on lawn items after Labor Day and during Black Friday sales around Thanksgiving. When it comes to end-of-the season sales, “The longer you wait, the smaller the selection, but the deeper the discount.
In general, major holidays with three-day weekends — including Memorial Day, Labor Day and Fourth of July — also are a good time to find deals on big ticket items, she said. And just like with cars, knowing when the new models are coming out will help identify when the bargains are coming.
Refrigerator manufacturers introduce new models in the spring. May tends to be a good time to take advantage of markdowns of up to 50 percent on the previous year’s models. Some new models may be reduced by up to 25 percent to drum up interest in the latest features. Overall, consumers should compare prices and spend time tracking prices to help recognize a good deal.
Also remember to take advantage of price adjustments that many retailers offer when people buy an item at full price that goes on sale later. Policies vary but generally stores provide a window of seven to 14 days, with some offering up to 60 days, for customers to get the difference credited.
Here’s the best time to buy other big-ticket items:
Computers — In late March and early April, previous-generation laptops typically are marked down 30 percent to 40 percent as the annual Japanese manufacturing cycle ends.
Also, look for discounts of 30 percent or more on new and older laptops during back-to-school sales in August and September and around Thanksgiving during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.
Jewelry — Look for jewelry sales of at least 25 percent in May, except for the week leading up to Mother’s Day. July and August also are good months to shop for jewelry because it’s the slow season.
Mattresses — the best sale of the year typically comes during the Memorial Day weekend. Visit stores before the holiday to get to know prices. Also count on discounts during the Labor Day and Presidents Day holidays.
Furniture — new styles are released in February and August. Furniture tends to go on sale in January and July. January sales often run through Presidents Day in mid-February.
Household appliances (other than refrigerators) — The best time to buy most major household appliances is in September and October as the new models hit the showrooms and older models must be cleared out. Some clearance items can be discounted by up to 90 percent.
TVs — for off-brand big-screen televisions, the week of Thanksgiving can’t be beat. For name-brand TVs, the best sales are timed near the Super Bowl (from around mid-January to early February), with discounts of 30 percent to 40 percent on the previous year’s models.
Airline tickets — After analyzing some 1.5 billion fares last year, the airfare comparison site concluded that, on average, the best time to book a domestic flight was roughly seven weeks (or 47 days) in advance.
The general pattern was for prices to drop slowly starting from when flights open for sale 11 months in advance, until reaching a low point somewhere between 27 days and 114 days out.
The surest way to get the worst airfare was to buy really early or really late. For international flights, the low-fare booking window was farther out, ranging from about three months to nine months in advance. Flights to Asia were best purchased almost as soon as they opened for booking, said.
Cruises — the best bargains generally come to those booking nine months to a year in advance. In other words, book now for a trip planned for next January through March.
For people who aren’t picky about the type of cabin they get, reserving a spot at the last minute can be a great way to save.
Bicycles — Bikes, including high-end models, go on sale during the off-season, with discounts of 30 percent to 50 percent in January or February. New models get shipped in the spring.
Wedding dresses — because so many couples get engaged over the Christmas holidays, bridal shops receive major shipments of gowns in late December. Big mark-downs can be had in early December, as older inventory is cleared out.
I hope this information helps you save money this holiday season and throughout the year. Don’t miss out on the best deal of all, Contech’s Black Friday Blowout! Give us a call today to place your order before time runs out! We look forward to hearing from you.

Happy Shopping!

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