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Mission and Values

Our Approach

We have a place where innovations are born daily, out of necessity, sometimes by circumstance. Where thinking and achieving are so intermingled they are seldom done separately. We have a place where innovators gather. A place conducive to creativity, serving as a conduit for customer input to the problem solvers. It is a place that you can hear the wheels of progress turning and feel the genius of invention at work.

We have a mindset that assumes there will always be a solution to a problem. The one that won't take “no” for an answer. This is the mindset that keeps looking after the others have called the project impossible. It is the same mindset from which all the world's greatest inventions have come. With a little luck, perseverance, and a different way of approaching a problem, this is the attitude that leads us to solutions. Sometimes, customers refer to them as miracles.

We have adapted technology over the last thirty years so that it gets better with each project. Beginning in the early years of the computer, our technology is learned first-hand and field proven by our customers. Electronics is crucial for our processing equipment today. It's the element that enables equipment to perform complex tasks with razor sharp accuracy. In fact, it means so much to us that we have our own electronic design and programming department in-house. This is why we're confident in our high level of reliability, and easy serviceability should a problem arise with customer equipment in the field.

We have a solution to your production problem. The process begins by getting a clear description of what you're trying to accomplish. We want to be as close to the problem as you are. To share with you the challenge of getting your production back on line. We know manufacturing processes, and that helps us create innovative solutions to the tough problems you face. Need a machine that will cut roll material into sheets, split the sheet in two, turn them upside down, and deliver them to a stacker or packager? We can make that happen. Need a machine that will cut roll feed to screen print, emboss, die cut, and rewind the matrix? We can make that happen, too. Maybe you just need a simple roll cutter for your shipping department. It's possible with us.

In-house manufacturing gives us total control of development and quality.

When we put the CONTECH label on our equipment and Custom Automation Equipment, we know what's gone into it. We're sure that it will perform to customer specifications, and often invite customers in for test runs before it is shipped. It's one of the ways you know you can trust us.

Now is the time to take the steps necessary to accomplish your goals, even your futuristic thoughts. We have the best team to go to work on your project. For sheeting, slitting, die cutting, for embossing, screen printing, dispensing, you can count on CONTECH for the best solution. What's more, you'll probably be surprised at how economical our solution will be. That means quicker return on your investment and when you win, so do we.

Think about what you want to accomplish next in your plant. Then call and tell us about it.

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