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Web Processing

What materials can be web processed?
Nearly any material that is offered in a roll form.

What operations can be performed with web processing?
Nearly any operation can be performed on a material web. De-curling, slitting, laminating, printing, sheeting, stacking, and rewinding are only a few examples.

Can multiple rolls be processed?
Depending upon the operation, most processes can be performed on multiple rolls at the same time.

How do I make the web maintain a lateral position at the nip roller?
If the web is centered, make sure that the nip roller pressures and gaps are equal on both the left hand and right hand sides of the web. Remember that the web will move towards the side with the most friction.

What is a dancer (accumulator)?
The function of the Dancer Roller is to absorb the material that accumulates between an unwind station and an increment source during starting and stopping of the feed cycle. Because some equipment is capable of high feed rates, enough material must be available for the entire feed. A properly functioning accumulator system should allow the accumulator roller to remain in constant contact with the material web.

What is PLI?
PLI is an acronym for Pounds per Linear Inch, which is a way to measure the force applied to the web between an unwind roll and an increment source.

What is a Ĺ“telescoped roll?
A telescoped roll is material roll that has an uneven edge; typically, telescoping of the roll is caused from incorrect web tension.

How do I process a Ĺ“telescoped roll?
Telescoped rolls may be processed by trimming the uneven edge from the roll, or by using a web guiding system that will maintain a constant lateral position in relation to a web sensor.

What materials generate static?
Many materials generate static, typically any material that is not metallic has the potential to generate static. Another factor when dealing with static is the ambient processing conditions: the dryer the air the higher the potential is to create static.

Can static problems be controlled, how?
Yes, static can be reduced and in some cases eliminated. Depending on the type of material, the feed rate and ambient conditions, a variety of static control devices are available. Static may be removed from the material web using a hot bar or metallic tensile or an area may be flooded with ionized air.

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